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I am neither enlightened, nor a Buddha, but one thing I know for sure is that striving to be enlightened in an industry where art is the foundation has to be a good thing.

Andrew Turner

A multi-faceted entrepreneur with an MBA from the University of Toronto, Andrew thrives in environments looking to find unexpected connections to solve problems and discover new revenue opportunities. Having founded, developed and sold companies since we has in his teens, Andrew has a keen ability to spot opportunities and establish business infrastructures that make these ideas viable.

Andrew also owns and operates Turner Business Management, which provides a fully integrated business management system for high-value artists, entertainers and athletes – such as daily accounting, wealth management, tax planning, real estate and the management of entertainment income. As a veteran in his field, Andrew understands the many different layers of the music industry and is there to guide his artists through each step.

Always ahead of the curve, Andrew knows how to identify ideas that have potential and can help artists who want to establish their own brands and move forward with their careers. He deeply loves music and takes pride in his dedication to the artists he works with. For Andrew, it is about knowing the goals and dreams of his clients, and finding ways to lead them there.

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